The Back Files (Published work and more)

A deliberately eclectic range of topics and subjects come up in my sporadic posts (in recent years, mostly travel and UNFCCC-related), but beyond tagging them and the monthly archives (see drop-down menu at the bottom of the page), please find some highlights:

Scholarly Publications (Google Scholar link here)

  • 2016: The ‘New’ Impacts of the Implementation of Climate Change Response Measures, Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law, 25(2), 228-237.
  • 2016: Climate Contributions and the Paris Agreement: Fairness and Equity in a Bottom-up Architecture, Ethics and International Affairs, 30(3), 291-301.

Work on climate change and International Relations

Freelance Writing (jump straight to the originals or see my posts for added commentary):

From Green Futures magazine:

From The Tablet:

From Times Higher Education magazine:

Highlights from student days:

From Exposition (published with The Oxford Student):

From The Oxford Student:

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