International fashion sense

Far from me to assume the role of fashion guru to the world’s leaders, I still can’t help being rather taken aback by what  of Japan’s embattled Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, is wearing:

There are shirts, and there are shirts...

I am rather used to international gatherings ending in leaders all ‘going native’ and dressing alike for the final photo, and APEC summitry is particularly notorious for this, from Peruvian ponchos to cheongsam-like outfits. Below is a particular favourite (and the full, glorious high-res one is here) – but as Mr. Hatoyama might agree, there is also something to be said about safety in numbers.

At the 2005 APEC summit in Pusan, Korea. This is probably not what they have in mind when they expect international summits to boost their domestic images

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One thought on “International fashion sense

  1. Tom says:

    Nice post Nick. Bush & Putin look hilarious above! It kind makes me wish I’d gotten into politics…

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